Monthly employment advice

Your workers, your team, are the most valuable asset of your business.
Implement a good remuneration policy and advocate for good employment advice that looks after the interests of your brand.

This service includes:
  • Preparation of contracts and clauses.
  • Preparation of payroll and direct delivery to workers.
  • Presentation of social security.
  • Management of casualties and relations with the mutual.
  • Registration of maternity/paternity situations, risk of pregnancy, lactation, etc.
  • Preparation and delivery of annual withholding certificates to workers.

Hiring a worker is not something that you have to take lightly, you have to make sure, especially if it is the first time you do it, about all those aspects that having people in your charge entails (registration of working hours , framework in the collective agreement, salary and supplements to apply, etc). Therefore, it has a labor advisor to manage the day to day with your workers.


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